February 24, 2024

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10 extremely useful free websites we tried in 2023 | Technology News

The year 2023 saw millions of users turning to an array of innovative websites for a variety of their needs. From boosting productivity to entertainment options, these online platforms have stood out with their remarkable utility and efficiency. 

In this article, we list the top 10 most useful websites of 2023, and each has been carefully selected for their exceptional contribution to our digital experience throughout the year. Be it cutting-edge productivity tools, educational resources, or simply a digital escape, our list has a diverse mix of categories. Below is the list of websites that have defined the year and continue to shape the way we interact with the online world. 

Real-time website privacy inspector

Privacy is a major concern for users, especially at a time when hackers are scouring the internet to grasp individual data for various purposes. Blacklight from themarkup.org, is a real-time website privacy inspector that lets users know the user-tracking technologies used by a website. A user is required to paste the URL of the website and hit scan. Backlight runs a custom software built by The Markup which shows ad trackers found on the site, third-party cookies, session recording services, website capturing keystrokes, and Google Analytics features employed on the website. In essence, the website lets you scan your favourite websites to see if they employ any user-tracking services to harvest their data. 

Learn to code while you play

Coding is an increasingly popular skill that professionals across the world are acquiring right now. While it may seem complex and laborious at first to anyone without any knowledge of programming, the website codingame.com has made learning coding fun. A learner can get better at coding by playing the fun games that the site hosts. “This gaming brings you more than just badges. The more you play, the more your coding improves.” reads the website. Users can either play alone or compete with others and the website claims that the games are 100 percent free. The website has puzzles, games, virtual escape rooms, and competitive events. The website states that its mission is to help people get hired for their skills. 

Spot remote jobs with ease

Remote jobs are on the rise, especially since the Pandemic-induced lockdowns. More and more professionals are turning to remote jobs. However, it is not all that easy, finding the perfect remote job for yourself can be a cumbersome task. Remotists.com is a website that is helping thousands of people find remote jobs with relative ease. Users can find remote jobs across Hubspot, Reddit, Zapier, and over 2700 other IT companies that are listed on the website. At the time of writing this article, the website listed as many as 4,52, 309 active jobs and 62,919 active remote jobs.

Learn hacking for personal safety

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Hacking is a serious threat and staying aware of security and vulnerabilities is the only way forward. Awareness comes with learning, but how can you learn about hacking? With hacksplaining.com, you no longer need to enroll in complex virtual courses. The website offers free comprehensive security training. It covers major security vulnerabilities that a user is likely to face. Users will get to learn about SQL injection, command execution, directory traversal, etc. The site has also deployed interactive applications for users to hack and understand how vulnerable they are. The website claims to offer real up-to-date data code samples and also has online quizzes to test knowledge.

Improve your typing skills

We have moved on from bulky typewriters to handheld screens, and one thing that has remained constant is typing. It is a skill that is pervasive and very much needed. After all, a good typing speed and accuracy can come in handy, when you have a deadline staring at you. Typelit.io is a unique website that lets you practise typing in the most unusual way. The website lets users type online by practising their favourite novels. They can pick a book from the catalogue on the website and start typing. You can also subscribe and import your own book. The website essentially lets you improve your typing speed and accuracy in multiple languages. You simply need to sign in, select a book, start typing, track your progress, and level up as you learn to type faster and better. The typing session is auto-saved at the start of each line.

Test your browser

When it comes to unauthorised disclosure data, sometimes your browsers can be the culprit. The website, coveryourtracks.eff.org, is a unique website that lets users know what their browser is giving away and how they can limit it. Cover Your Tracks is a tool for you to understand how unique your web browser is. It is also a research project that is working towards exposing the tools and techniques of online trackers and testing the effectiveness of privacy add-ons. “Running tests on Cover Your Tracks gives you information about your own browser’s privacy protections, and also helps EFF use statistical methods to evaluate the capabilities of third-party trackers and the best forms of protection against them,” reads the About section of the website. 

For clutter-free recipes

This website is going to be instantly liked by those who love cooking and often search the web for recipes. Most recipe websites are populated by ads, pop-ups, and lengthy content descriptions. Users simply need to paste the URL to justtherecipe.com and get the ingredients and directions without any distractions. Besides, the website lets you keep track of all your favourite websites like a virtual cookbook. While the website lets you save up to 20 recipes, if you want to save more, then it has a premium subscription which is priced at $2 per month and $15 for a year. 

Exercise with precision

Most of us embark on our fitness journeys with a vision of getting stronger arms, flat bellies, or stronger legs. This website, musclewiki.com, is a unique way to identify the appropriate exercise based on specific body parts. Upon visiting the website, users will see a muscular diagram, and clicking on a specific muscle will reveal the type of exercise best suited for the muscle and will show videos of workouts and directions. Users will get to select the equipment of their choice, the website offers engaging content fitness, routines to follow, etc. One can read articles on gym etiquette and ways to spot on the website. It also has a monthly subscription at $4 for premium content.

Listen to what you want to hear

Today, more than ever, there is a need for focus and relaxation. While there are music apps and other ways to enhance focus, mynoise.net is a unique website that lets users discover a world of immersive soundscapes that can enhance focus and help with relaxation and sleep. Users can pick from noise generators, nature sounds, and ambient music to create their ideal audio environment. It is a great tool that can help you avoid any noise and listen to the sounds that you want to hear. Users can also create custom sounds using the website.

Travel wise

Skyscanner is an excellent tool for searching for and booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. It allows you to effortlessly compare prices, quality, and other factors when looking for available flights. Users need to input their destination and travel date, and they will get comprehensive results. The wildly popular website is a valuable resource for finding and booking the perfect hotels, as well as comparing affordable rental car options if needed. This website is proving to be a boon for frequent travellers around the world. 

All the above-listed websites have been tested by us. However, results may vary but do let us know which website got you hooked the most in 2023.