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38 Companies That Hire Former Teachers in 2023

When you decided to become a teacher, no doubt it felt like exactly the right move. Somewhere along the way, though, things changed. It might have been after several or even many years in the classroom, or maybe it was even before you got your first job. Either way, you know it’s time to move on. So how do you go about finding companies that hire former teachers?

Fortunately, there are a lot of terrific careers for those leaving the classroom behind. (In fact, find 30+ inspiring job ideas for former teachers right here.) Your teaching degree and experience make you an excellent fit for all kinds of other work. Some careers will be better fits than others, though. That’s where this list of companies that hire former teachers can come in handy. Get ready to brush up that resume and start the next phase of your working life!

(Note that not all of these companies will have jobs available at any given time.)

Curriculum Development and Publishing


This curriculum-development company offers a variety of programs and content for grades K-12.

Curriculum Associates

This company offers products like i-Ready Assessment, Magnetic Reading, and Brigance Head Start, along with state-specific programs to meet local standards.

Great Minds

Teams of teacher-writers develop high-quality curricula in mathematics, English language arts, science, and more.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s learning platform encompasses curriculum solutions for K-12 subjects of every kind, with core instruction, supplemental practice, assessment, and professional learning.

Imagine Learning

This online curricula company offers courseware, supplemental and intervention materials, core curriculum, and virtual school services for K-12 students.

IXL Learning

Covering a huge array of products like Rosetta Stone, ABCYa, Wyzant, and more, this company often has open positions for curriculum designers.

Larson Texts

Larson creates mathematics products from elementary school through college, both print and digital.

McGraw Hill

This powerhouse in educational materials offers programs, texts, and edtech for pre-K to grade 12, covering every subject and curriculum.


Pearson’s wide array of texts and edtech products are geared toward higher learning. Their materials span a huge array of topics and curricula.

Savvas (Formerly Pearson K12)

Pearson’s K-12 division recently rebranded itself as Savvas. They offer texts and online learning solutions in primary and secondary school subjects.


Scholastic’s books and classroom magazines are a mainstay for the K-8 crowd. Their book fairs are a beloved tradition in many schools.

Educational Websites and EdTech

Actively Learn

This site compiles texts and videos for ELA, science, and social studies with scaffolds and higher-order questions, plus tools for teachers to interact with students.

Age of Learning

This is the parent company of sites like ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, My Math Academy, My Reading Academy, and more.


BrainPOP offers a variety of online teaching resources for grades K-12, across the curriculum.

Cambium Learning Group

With companies that hire former teachers like Lexia, Learning A-Z, and Cambium Assessment, this website is a one-stop shop for lots of job opportunities.


This company simplifies access, analytics, and identity management, making education technology easier for teachers and students alike.

Discovery Education

This site provides timely, relevant content, plus useful tools and resources to engage students and track progress as they learn about a variety of topics.

DreamBox Learning

The adaptive programs from DreamBox differentiate instruction with personalized math and reading programs to accelerate learning.


Programs like Study Island and Exact Path help students prepare to succeed at standardized tests and bridge learning gaps in K-12 education.


Edpuzzle allows teachers to use videos interactively in their classrooms, with embedded questions that increase engagement.


Epic is the leading digital reading platform for kids 12 and under, with a collection of 40,000+ popular, high-quality books from 250+ of the world’s best publishers.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

This venerable institution differentiates itself from Wikipedia by fact-checking every article. They also offer teaching materials like quizzes, videos, and more.

Flocabulary by Nearpod

Their hip-hop videos and instructional activities promote literacy and spark creativity, teaching kids Tier 2 and 3 vocab words.

Khan Academy

Teachers everywhere use Khan Academy’s free online courses, exercises, and activities to help students learn a massive variety of subjects.


Newsela takes current news articles and presents them at a variety of reading levels, with accompanying review questions and activities, for use in the classroom.


This edtech company’s products include Accelerated Reader and the adaptive Star assessments in reading and math.


Zearn offers free math videos, interactive online learning activities, and other visual strategies for teaching and learning math.

Online and In-Person Tutoring

Interested in making a career out of tutoring? Start with our guide to the best online tutoring jobs for teachers.


This company pairs synchronous literacy learning by teachers and school staff with high-impact tutoring. Tutors work online with students to reinforce learning.


PrepNow focuses on preparing high school students to succeed on the ACT and SAT, though they also offer tutoring in math subjects like calculus and trigonometry. Their test prep curriculum is pre-designed, and they’ll train you in how to use it.


QKids’ online ESL tutoring program uses a set game-based curriculum. Classes last 30 minutes, with one to four elementary-aged students in each. QKids handles all the parent communication, grading, and other administrative duties.

Sylvan Learning

These tutoring centers work with kids both online and in person, helping kids improve their grades and school performance.


As you might guess from a site owned by The Princeton Review, Tutor.com focuses on test prep but offers online tutoring jobs in a large selection of subjects.


TutorMe teachers work in their online Lesson Space, covering 300+ subjects. You’re paid both for actual tutoring and the time you spend writing up feedback.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is a popular choice for ACT/SAT and AP test prep, but it offers tutoring in pretty much any subject.


Though changes to Chinese law affected the ESL tutoring programs at VIPKid, they’ve pivoted to offer their curriculum worldwide. Tutors use a pre-designed curriculum, so there’s no lesson planning or grading. Here’s our review of VIPKid with some tips for applying.

Other Companies That Hire Former Teachers

Girl Scouts

Local Girl Scouts councils hire former teachers to plan, direct, and implement programming for scouts.

Learning Resources

This family of companies creates and sells educational toys and activities for kids and families.


The New Teacher Project (TNTP) are partners for change in public education. They help train new and existing teachers in the latest instructional strategies, among other education initiatives.

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