February 24, 2024

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Apple’s Technological Innovations That Can Revolutionize Online Education

Apple is the name behind tremendous technological advancements in different fields, including education. Over the years, the company has created and introduced technologies that transform studying and education on different levels. The innovations by Apple enhance learning, assist teachers in their work, and make education more interactive for the students.

Apple's Technological Innovations That Can Revolutionize Online Education

Technologies That Positively Affect Students’ Education

Technological advancements have made tremendous changes in education. A college students today can find endless resources to use in their papers online. They can learn from many academic resources without having to roam the libraries, and expand their knowledge without restrictions or limits. One of the best things about technology is the opportunity to buy from companies when they have a tight schedule. For students who want their papers done confidentiality-proof and with a guarantee of high quality, Study clerk is a reliable online service. That’s just a small part of all that technology has offered to students. It has affected them in many different ways. Students no longer struggle with finding information for their studies, and their learning is much more immersive thanks to educational games and programs that help their processes.

In this article, you will learn about the best innovations by Apple and how they can revolutionize online education.

Apple’s Technological Innovations That Can Revolutionize Online Education

Apple’s Innovations throughout the Years

As one of the leading technology companies in the world, Apple is aware of how closely linked technology is to those who create and use it. This is why, over the years, Apple has attempted to introduce transformative, more personalized learning programs. Here are just a few of the things that the educational system enjoys thanks to Apple:

  • Device Enrollment Program or DEP. Thanks to this program, schools can deploy new hardware without costly IT expenses in a simple, streamlined process. This makes it easier for both the student and the teacher to get acquainted with new technologies in the classroom.
  • Guided Access technology. The Guided Access technology by apple makes it possible for teachers to focus their students’ iPads on chosen learning apps and websites. This way, teachers can guide their students through the activities that complement their learning.
  • Volume Purchase Program or VPP. This program provides IT organizations with an easy way to get the right learning app to the right person at the right moment. It offers a more personalized learning experience, and it also saves school districts a large amount of money they can allocate differently.
  • iBooks. Apple’s iBooks program provides interactive, innovative digital learning materials in the form of PDFs and books, but with the added ability to embed polls, videos, presentations, and other learning tools.
  • iBeacons. This technology by Apple enables printers, content, AirPlay mirroring, and other technologies to be deployed automatically to the student’s iPad when they enter the classroom. They can also be used to apply specific settings to the student’s iPad and automate attendance. Many professors use these todays to facilitate standard testing.
Apple’s Technological Innovations That Can Revolutionize Online Education

Apple’s Future Inventions in the Field of Education

The iPad has proven itself an invaluable tool in the publishing industry, and many educational institutions are already investing in this device as a way to complement their teaching methods. Companies like Kno are already working on bringing tablet computing to universities and schools. This is done to eliminate the need to haul heavy, not to mention costly textbooks around. The e-version of textbooks has plenty of benefits including affordability, as well as the perseverance of nature.

But, what will Apple do in the near future?

Apple tends to be secretive about the future innovations they are working on, but hints are all around. Some rumors say that Apple will ‘digitally destroy’ the textbook publishing paradigm and make it possible for authors to create iPad e-textbooks for students. Motivated by this, Chegg, a popular company with a novel book-rental scheme, released the first piece of software in the form of an e-textbook game.

This game allows students to access their electronic textbooks on the iPad and PCs, which makes for an excellent innovation motivated by Apple.

Not so long ago, Apple put Roger Rosner, its iWork man, in control of their educational innovations. We can expect something new and big to happen, possibly related to digital textbooks. According to the Wall Street Journal, the ‘service is expected to be a way for a broad range of schools, publishers and others to develop learning material in a digital format.

Wrapping Up

A lot has happened in the world of education thanks to Apple so far. We can only expect things to advance further as time passes. If we are to base our predictions on what’s been put on the market so far, Apple will definitely keep transforming the online education world in the future.

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