February 24, 2024

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Gujarati singer takes help of website to transport his car, ends up losing SUV worth Rs 40 lakh

By Ankita Chakravarti: A Gujarati singer named Binny Sharma has fallen victim to online fraud. The singer lost his SUV car worth Rs 40 lakh in the scam. He disclosed that he had contacted a vendor through a website, but now his car is missing without a trace. Feeling desperate and heartbroken, Sharma has taken to Instagram to share his ordeal and requested assistance from the public in recovering his expensive car.

According to Sharma’s Instagram post, he had contacted a vendor through a website to arrange transportation for his SUV from Himachal to Ahmedabad, where he resides.

“Normally, I don’t ask for favors, but I find myself in a difficult situation and I desperately need your assistance. I have fallen victim to a scam orchestrated by a fraudster, and now I need your support to bring them to justice,” Sharma expressed.

He revealed that after loading the car onto the transport truck, the transporter stopped communication and attempted to extort more money than what was agreed upon in the invoice. Sharma mentioned that he found the vendor through a website, which helps in transporting vehicles between cities. Despite his numerous attempts to contact the movers over several days, he has received no response.

“I have filed a cybercrime complaint and a consumer forum grievance against Agarwal Express packers and movers and Move My Car portal. I am also about to file an FIR for theft of my car and extortion, as they are holding my property and making threats to damage my car if I don’t pay more money,” Sharma posted on Instagram. In his detailed post, he warned users to be cautious of these “fraudsters” and aggregator platforms like Move My Car, Just Dial, and Google ads, which indiscriminately list anyone as their trusted vendor. He emphasized that consumers often end up being robbed of their valuable possessions and money.

What could have happened to Sharma’s car?

From what it looks like, the vendor Sharma contacted through the website could have been a fraudulent entity posing as a legitimate transporter. They may have created a professional-looking website to deceive customers. It is also possible that the entire transportation service was a sham, and there was no legitimate truck or transport arranged to ship Sharma’s car. The fraudster may have simply disappeared after receiving an initial payment.

So how can one stay safe from such scams?

It is always important to conduct a thorough research, before engaging with a vendor or service provider online. Check their online presence, reviews, and reputation. Look for any complaints or warnings about scams associated with them. Verify their contact information, address, and credentials if possible. When sharing personal or financial information online, ensure that the website is secure. Look for “https://” at the beginning of the URL, indicating a secure connection. Avoid entering sensitive details on non-secure or suspicious websites.