February 24, 2024

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Leaked Pizza email ID of Jack Dorsey shows how ultra rich people receive and use emails

This weekend Twitter under Elon Musk revealed some internal files. Among the details there was also the personal email ID of Jack Dorsey. This was leaked in error but the ID does give an idea of how ultra rich people receive and use email services.

Sneha Saha

New Delhi,UPDATED: Dec 5, 2022 15:50 IST

By Sneha Saha: For most of us, our work email ID ends with the company domain while the personal email ID is either registered with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or any of the popular domains. But that’s not the case with the personal email ID of Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey. A recently posted tweet thread by journalist Matt Taibbi, detailing how Twitter handled tweets around a report on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 presidential election also revealed Dorsey’s personal email ID. And guess what? The email ID has nothing to do with Twitter, though it starts with his name.

It is also a rather weird ID, with its domain name ending with a personal domain called “pizza.” As per one of the leaked emails posted by Taibbi, Dorsey’s email ID reads — ****@0.pizza. Because posting personal IDs may not be appropriate in this case, we have replaced the letters with * in it. The particular tweet has been deleted now but screenshots of it are spreading on the platform like wildfire and users are surprised that a tech tycoon has such a funny email address.

There’s no clarity on why Dorsey uses the word “pizza” in his personal email ID. Probably that’s the most relatable domain name he found, or probably he found it absurd and unique, something that rich people tend to love. Or he probably loves pizza. Although, the word “pizza” also has sinister connotations when used on websites like 4Chan and some other nasty and utterly dark corners of the web. And a lot of Twitter users indeed picked up on it. But that, we are certain, is the sort of nonsense talk that is so common on the web.

Now, coming back to Dorsey and the way he is using extremely personalised email IDs: Most organizations create their own email domain, primarily to build security, credibility, and trust for their business among users. Creating an email domain for you is quite easy and anyone can get their email domain created and call it whatever (based on availability) they wish. There are several platforms out there, paid and some free, to do.

And that is probably what the ultra-rich people do when it comes to emails. Just like they tend to buy a private jet, or a boat that can be moored in some exclusive corner of the world, or a secluded house surrounded by acres of private land so that there is complete and total privacy, the ultra-rich — aka the billionaires of the world — also probably have completely private and exclusive email servers and domains through which they communicate in the exclusive circle.

And there is a good reason to use such private domains for exclusive emails. After all, people like Dorsey are probably perennial targets from hackers, or even governments and powerful organisations. By using a mail service that is entirely their own, as well as completely and totally exclusive, they can mitigate the risk their mailboxes face. At the same time, using something like 0.pizza or 7.mango — the kind of domain names that are absurd as well as generic — probably make it hard for anyone to second guess the mail service they might be using.

Dorsey’s Bluesky plans

Dorsey is no longer a part of Twitter and is currently building another social media platform called Bluesky. Responding to a Twitter user on the weekend, Dorsey clarified, once again, that Bluesky isn’t a direct alternative to Twitter. “We’re launching a protocol, not a competitor,” he replied when a Twitter user said, “I’m actually still waiting on Jack to launch his own platform so there’s an actual alternative”. Bluesky is currently in beta testing and will launch soon.

Meanwhile, Dorsey has maintained a distance from the entire Twitter and Musk drama. It is only sometimes that Dorsey was seen questioning Musk when the billionaire called Twitter’s system faulty. In fact, Dorsey recently said that Twitter will “never die” and has a long way to go. To recall, it was Dorsey who believed that Musk was the only person who could save Twitter.