February 24, 2024

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Paige announces the beta launch of its AI Assistant for developing and editing websites

This is a tool designed to change the approach to the web development process. Unlike standard AI website builders, Paige AI Assistant acts like an employee responsible for making changes to a website. 

Using AI Assistant doesn’t require any special skills, technical specifications or prototypes. You control its actions, detailing what you want to change on the website, and it will be automatically done. The service can add, delete and re-generate site content, and element styles, search and generate images structure, implement analytics and select keywords for SEO optimization.

AI Assistant is powered by the GPT, and based on our own generative AI trained especially for that. It continues to train on Page’s customer data and collects web analytics of your website to make changes to it.

“The amount of AI Website Builders is growing every year, — Nik Naumov, CEO and founder at Paige says. — the hype around the technology and low entry fees lead to enormously high competition in the market. But there are no tools for quick and easy site changing — although it is a necessary important part of any business. So we decided to develop a completely different product, absolutely new to the market”.

The service is currently available in closed beta. The platform is open for anybody to apply on the website, where they will be added to the waiting list and invited to test the new AI Assistant. 

Previously Paige presented its AI Landing Page Builder. The service enables to create of landing pages in just 30 seconds, using simple text queries. Landing Page Builder can create texts, images, and implement SEO practices. AI Landing Page Builder is ready to use on the project website with 2 available plans: Free and Pro. The price of Pro subscription is 39 US dollars per month.

Now Paige AI Assistant works with Paige Builder, but then it will be able to edit any site built with other website constructors on the market.

About Paige

Paige is an AI startup that works on AI tools for developing websites. Paige launched in global startup studio SKL.vc that focuses on startups’ early and seed stages and investing in generative AI, consumer APPs, BCI, and blockchain.

Nick Naumov, the CEO and Co-founder of Paige – AI Web Assistant, has 9 years experience in the IT sector. Nick’s expertise predominantly lies in startups and product management.

He co-founded one of Western Europe’s premier no-code chatbot platforms in 2017. Later, in 2020, he pioneered the first no-code EdTech platform in the CIS markets. He has become one of the most experienced Startup Advisors in the market, with a diverse background spanning the US, Europe, MENA, and CIS markets.